Identifying Trees by Their Bark

Tree identification can be done in many ways such as by looking at the leaves, the fruit, the seeds, and the bark. The bark is one of the most unique features of each species of tree. Each species has their very own type of bark, and although they may look similar to other species, when you look very closely at the smallest details you値l see that each species of tree is as different as each person is. When you attempt tree identification by looking at the bark of a tree, you値l start seeing trees and their bark in a whole new light.

There are some basic bark types, and once you find the most common types in your area you値l start to be able to tell the difference between the types of bark, which will also help lead you to tree identification through their bark. The basic types of tree bark are smooth, furrowed such as a black walnut, scaly like what you壇 see on a longleaf pine, plated which sort of looks like scaly bark but it痴 larger, warty, shaggy which are long and loose on both ends, fibrous which are sort of like furrowed, and papery. In your area you値l probably notice that a good deal of the trees are just sort of plain looking. But, as you look closer you値l see that they really are all different from each other. If you have two different types of trees in your backyard you should compare and contrast them to see if you can find the difference. Being able to point out the differences in the tree bark will help with tree identification.

If you want to be a tree identification expert, one of the best things you can do is buy a field guide. You値l have to decide what type of bark the tree has, but then the field guide can help you decide based on that what sort of tree you are dealing with. A field guide is especially good for tree identification beginners, but as you continue to identify trees by their bark you値l get better and being able to analyze and then just know it on your own.

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