Why Different Trees Grow In Different Places

There are over one hundred thousand species of trees that are known and recognized by dendrology experts. Every tree species is unique and it requires certain things to survive. All things in the environment around a tree have to be exactly right for the tree to grow, and continue to grow in a healthy way for the course of its life. If just one thing is off, the tree will not grow at all, or it will become infected with pests or infections and eventually die. The need for balance is unique which means every tree is unique, so different plants grow in different areas to fulfill their own unique needs.

One of the primary reasons that different trees grow in different places is the need for water. Some trees require a large or consistent amount of water, so they’ll grow in areas of the country that get adequate amounts of rain water to keep the plant healthy and alive. These plants will not be found in areas that don’t get enough water, because they simply could not survive to adulthood where they’d be found. Likewise, there are plants that cannot handle a lot of water so they’ll be found in areas that get very little water, or they can easily get by with inconsistent amounts of rainwater. The water needs of each plant are very specific, and usually, you cannot get a tree to grow somewhere that does not get enough rain to sustain the plant. If you do get the tree to grow, you’ll likely have to nurse it along, and even then, there isn’t a guarantee that it will continue to grow. Water is one of the most important elements for a tree to grow, and that is why there can be such a difference in tree species from location to location.

Another of the primary needs of a tree is soil content. Some trees need very nutrient rich soil and they will usually not grow in anything but this very nutrient rich soil. Some areas of the world have a very rich soil content that lends itself to the growth of the trees that require this type of soil. Yet, there are trees that do not need a very rich soil content at all.

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